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Iran to release Israel nuke documents

Posted by seumasach on October 12, 2010


11th October, 2010

“Based on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), proliferation of nuclear weapons should be prevented. There is a main question in the Muslim world that where the Zionist regime [of Israel] has obtained its nuclear weapons from,” the IRIB quoted Jalili as saying on Monday.

“The Zionist regime and those who provided it with nuclear arms should answer this question,” he added.

The Iranian official warned that the Islamic Republic would soon release documents showing how the US provided Israel with enriched nuclear materials and how the materials have been transferred to Israel.

Jalili further pointed out that Iran stands up for its nuclear rights as well as the rights of all independent countries and signatories to the NPT.

He said Western media raised hypothetical and false issues to hide real questions, urging media of the Muslim world not to be indifferent in this regard.

According to Jalili, Western media are following the issue of nuclear centrifuges in Iran not to stop such activities, but to overshadow other issues.

Israel, which is believed to possess over 200 nuclear warheads, has refused worldwide calls to join the NPT.

Under a policy of “deliberate ambiguity” on its nuclear program backed by the United States, Tel Aviv has also refused to allow inspections of its controversial nuclear program.

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