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Parents protest school Wi-Fi health problems

Posted by seumasach on October 5, 2010

Curtis Bennet

Nelson Life

2nd October, 2010

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Open letter — Wi-Fi very dangerous in schools.

“Some things need doing better than they’ve ever been done before. Some things just need doing. Others don’t need doing at all. Know which is which.” — source unknown

Electrical conflicts between a very fast frequency and biologic systems that don’t function at those frequencies — stop the problem or hell is coming for what we are doing. This is like a sci-fi movie, where humans and the ecosystems that sustain us are irradiated — except this is reality.

It wasn’t until watching parents on the news reporting Wi-Fi * or wireless internet making their children sick that we realized the parents have valid concerns that can be qualified electrically. Further discussion with qualified professionals escalated the urgency of our professional opinion.

As interprovincial journeyman electricians, we are trained and certified by governments to meet or exceed required standards. Part of that education is installing electrical cables and communication lines separately to avoid conflicts in frequencies or signals. A primary function of coaxial cable is to protect a signal from electromagnetic interference.

In the important discussion on whether Wi-Fi is dangerous, important technical language was left out of the discussion. Children are not pieces of furniture occupying space. Each child is an unprotected but precise electrical system running at 7.8 Hz. In an industrial or commercial installation, the unprotected 7.8 Hz (cycles per second) would be protected or installed so there was no EMF interference.

Wi-Fi is a 2.4 or 5 GHz frequency which means 2.4 or 5 billion cycles per second. It will interact with a 7.8 Hz electrical system, especially since the 7.8 Hz system isn’t insulated or protected. That creates several electrical concerns, including electromagnetic induction changing voltages or currents in the human body. Since eddy currents from a 60 Hz electrical distribution can cause catastrophic electrical failure, what is 2.4 or 5 billion Hz doing to the body? Atoms and molecules would polarize 4.8 or 10 billion times per second, which is the same concept as using a microwave to heat food.

Health Canada reports there is a known heating affect with wireless and “safe” heating standards have been adopted without consideration of the heat being an electrical problem. All heat has a source and the fact that this heat is generated inside the body adds to the urgency. Electricity is a calculated, very accurate science and heat is a byproduct of electrical function or failure.

Our nervous system in the body controls every function in the body, and affecting the communication in the body can have symptoms in any part of the body. This is like changing the voltage or frequencies stamped on your computer — it won’t work.

The wireless industry needs to immediately qualify the electrical ramifications of their wireless systems’ frequencies interacting with an unprotected 7.8 Hz signal. That response should be immediate as this is established electrical theory.

They also need to qualify the effects of high speed frequencies on ecosytems depending on a magnetic field for navigation. What are the biologic effects of high-speed frequencies causing polarity changes billions of times per second?

Schools and industry can be safe while enjoying important technology advancements. Hard wire the stations as we have done in industry for years — it will be good for the economy and protect people.

As professionals who consult for all industry, including medical education, it is our duty — as with other professionals — to report this for the protection of our children. Our men and women in the military, police, fire, medicine, construction, etc. put their lives on the line with expectations that we keep their children safe at home.

Any industry would be advised to look out for liability because insurers won’t pick up a tab for health costs that were created by others. Lawyers didn’t equate this to an electrical problem that can be proven. That supports the burden of proof required in legal process.

If the problem isn’t dealt with immediately and scientifically, I would be left with no alternative as a government trained professional but to advise parents to keep their children from an unsafe environment. There is no acceptable amount of time to irradiate children — you never know how that will impact different physiology.

As the world’s foremost authority on applying infrared technology at molecular levels, we are working on an imaging application so medicine can see the source of heat inside the body with frequency interaction.

Our children are back in school and literally every minute spent in an irradiated environment should be of concern. It is a national security concern if we are irradiating our future and it isn’t definable as sustainable under the Auditor General Act.

September 23, 2010

Curtis Bennett
Thermografix Consulting Corporation
Phone 250-765-9897

This author is a government-trained professional who lectures as a medical educator where doctors get education credits they need for licensing.

* Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance ( )

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