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China And Russia Change Global Balance Of power

Posted by smeddum on October 3, 2010

By Dr. Sawraj Singh

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Sat oct 2 201o

The Russian President Medvedev is visiting China.  This visit coincides with the completion of a pipe line which will bring oil from Russia to China.  This 999 kilo meter pipe line is very significant because it is a symbol of the emerging Russia-China Alliance.  China gave Russia 25 billion dollars credit, and Russia will supply China 300 million tons of oil from 2011 to 2030.  Not only, China has been able to guarantee a safe and secure supply for its energy needs for the next two decades, but it also cements the relations between the two countries, even stronger than before.

It is not just the oil but there are many other areas of increasing cooperation between the two countries, including coal, nuclear energy, banking system, cultural and educational exchanges and terrorism.  Both the countries now consider their mutual relation as their most important relation.

I have written many times over the last two decades, that Russia and China are going to make an alliance, which will end the Western domination and the American Era.  Actually, the Western domination and the American Era ended after America was defeated in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, in the early seventies.  However, the Ping Pong diplomacy of Henry Kissinger extended their life by another fifty years.  The gist of this policy was to make sure that Russia and China do not get together.  After the turmoil of the cultural revolution, the Chinese started to understand the Western intentions.  The West encouraged the ultra leftist forces and anti Russian sentiment in China, in order to keep the two countries against each other, thereby weakening both of them.

After the fall of the of the pro Western and weak leaders such as Gorbachov and Yelstin, the Russians also started to understand that the real Western intention was to keep Russia weak and unstable.  For all practical purposes, Russia was encircled and contained by the West.  When a strong leader, Putin, came to power, he immediately realized that Russia had only one option left to break the Western encirclement, that is to make an alliance with China.  Putin laid the foundation of a strong Russia-China alliance.

America tried very hard to woo Russia back to the Western camp, but Putin is too smart to be taken in by the sweet talk.  Even an invitation to Bush’s private ranch in Texas did not change Putin’s mind, and he stayed on course for building the alliance with China.  Obama also tried to convince Russia that the American policy has fundamentally changed from the arrogant and unilateral policy of Bush.  However, Putin did not believe that America will change its policies.  So far, Putin proved to be right.

Once America was convinced that Russia will not change its course, then America fundamentally changed its own course, as far priorities in the foreign policy are concerned.  The American policy was always based on the notion that Europe is the most important area for maintaining balance of power in the World.  This policy was begun when the Soviet Union was considered the main adversary.  Now, America considers China as its main adversary.  Therefore, Asia has become the most important area for America, so that China can be encircled and contained.

America is trying to line up countries such as Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN and India against China.  However, China and Russia know it very well that so long they are united; the American efforts are futile because none of the countries or group of countries can match the united Russia-China strength.

China can pull the rug under the feet of Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN countries because; economically they have become dependent on China.  As far as India is concerned, the Western media has always tried to give the impression as if China and India are almost equal in their strength.  The Western media even goes a step further and predicts that ultimately India will surpass China.  However, all this propaganda is motivated by self interest rather than objectivity.  The gap between China and India is too big to be filled in the near future.

One example of where China and India stand, can be seen by comparing the Beijing Olympics to Delhi common wealth games.  Even the Western media admitted that the Beijing Olympics were probably the most well organized and the most expensive in the history of Olympics.  China had finished most of the construction, about two year’s ahead of games.  However, the common wealth games in Delhi have been marred by the charges of corruption, inefficiency and chaos.  The foreign teams have arrived and the games are ready to start, but the construction is not finished yet. Just today, China announced that it has the fastest railway in the World reaching speed of 416.6 km per hour.

America should realize that its policy of containing China is not going to work, because China holds most of the cards.  As long as Russia and China are together, the outcome of the third world war can be predicted before it even starts.  America has lost the Iraq war, and today the Afghan President Karzai was seen openly weeping, because his son will have to leave Afghanistan.  Therefore, the defeat in Afghanistan war is certain.  America does not have the option of fighting a third World war because it cannot win the war.  Therefore, the only sane option is to accept peacefully the emerging new World order of a multi polar World.

Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. is the Chairman of the Washington State Network for Human Rights and Chairman of the Central Washington Coalition for Social Justice. He can be reached at or 509-962-3652.

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