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EHS: A world first in France with scientific proof from comparative encephaloscans

Posted by seumasach on September 28, 2010


The EHS have a right to live, but in France and in most other countries, due to the pressure from the industry lobbies, they have no recognition and they are not accorded this inalienable right. Their need to survive leaves them no choice, so it is quite legitimate for them to take their future in hand.

Ignorance of the basic facts of electromagnetism is carefully fostered by the lobbies.
It is natural electromagnetic energy that is the basis of creationist theories on the origin of life on
earth, a theory that is a parallel to the Darwinian theory of evolution.

To make it simple: we are all born EHS, as the human organism is entirely bio-electromagnetic, sinceall the exchanges between our cells function thanks to electromagnetism. We lose this condition whenwe die and the exchanges cease, and our electroencephalogram goes flat. The problem is that mostpeople are completely ignorant of this truth. In other words the condition of being electrosensitive isinnate, and the degree of it varies with different people and in different environments.

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