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Conspiracy theory: population control and microwave radiation

Posted by seumasach on June 9, 2010

Dr Magda Havas, PhD

June 2010.

I’ve never paid much attention to conspiracy theories, but then I began to think about it and started asking myself “what if” questions.

What if some elite group believes that we were doing irreversible damage to the planet and that earth can not support a growing human population. Indeed this is what many people think so this “what if” doesn’t have to be restricted to the thinking of “some elite group”.

What if this elite group thinks that a more sustainable population would be perhaps 1 billion people instead of 6.7 billion and counting. Some think that earth can’t support sustainably more than 500 million people, but the size is irrelevant for this discussion.

What if this elite group doesn’t want to kill people outright (not acceptable to those who would die or to those who may be next and to those who value human life) and so they have to devise a way to reduce the population without letting anyone know that this is their master plan.

What would they do?

Well . . . this elite group would do something to interfere with reproduction, something that might affect sperm or egg cells. Interesting that we are experiencing a growing concern about infertility in western countries. Couples wanting to get pregnant are having difficulty. There are a number of reasons for this infertility crisis and one possible contributor is the cell phone.

We have no idea what cell phones are doing to human egg cells but we have evidence that cell phones can interfere with sperm viability, motility, and morphology. The longer a man uses a cell phone the greater the damage to sperm.  Keeping the cell phone on the hip is a no no if you want to protect your sperm cells.

Wireless laptop computers and now the ipad emit microwave radiation, just like cell phones.  These computers are held closer to genitals and are used for longer periods than cell phones, so if the cell phone doesn’t do the damage required, the wireless laptop computer will.

To ensure that this damage is done, it is important to expose children to the radiation and one way to do this is to get WiFi into schools. This is happening currently with more and more schools wanting to install WiFi for all grade levels and in all classes, even those class rooms that don’t have computers. And kids need to be exposed at home as well and so the wireless router was invented.

But what would this elite group do with women who are already pregnant?

Well, first of all it would be important NOT to let these women know thatcomputers, wireless or otherwise, may affect the fetus. Women who worked on computers decades ago had a higher miscarriage rate than those who did not use computers so this concept that wireless computers could contribute to miscarriage is not entirely implausible.  Doctors warm pregnant women to not drink alcohol, to not take certain types of medication, and to refrain from smoking yet  they don’t warn women to  avoid exposure to microwave radiation generated by cell phones, by cordless phones or by wireless computers.

But what would this elite group do about children who are already born?

Well, the DECT baby monitor is a wireless monitor that also generates microwave radiation. It is kept close to the crib so the mother can listen to the baby if s/he wakes up.  Some monitors come with a clip that attaches to the mother’s waist and thus exposes egg cells to microwave radiation to minimize the risk of additional pregnancies. This device exposes both the mother and the baby to microwave radiation. Indeed it exposes everyone in the home to microwave radiation. Survival of the fittest states that the weak will not survive. By weeding out sensitive individuals who are unable to tolerate microwave radiation perhaps a new population will emerge and they will be microwave-tolerant.

But what would this elite group do about those people who don’t use cell phones or wireless computers?

Exposure of those who do not use wireless technology is achieved by blanketing entire communities and places that are frequented by large populations with microwaves from City-wide WiFi, WiFi in cafes, hotels, airports, and now on airplanes. And if the WiFi doesn’t expose them to enough microwave radiation, cell phone antennas can be placed near schools, on office and apartment buildings, in church steeples, and some can be disguised as trees. And then there is the really powerful Wi-Max antennaswith a radius of 50 km. With Wi-Max entire cities can be blanketed with mcirowave radiation.

Those who live near a military base, an airport, a weather station, or a marine shipping route can be exposed to radar that also emits microwave radiation.

And finally there are the repeaters from satelites and broadcast antennasthat can increase exposure to radio frequency radiation, a cousin to microwave radiation.

Closer to home smart meters provide one way to increase microwave exposure in every home. By the end of 2010 every home in Ontario will have a smart meter. Already people who have smart meters attached to their homes are complaining of ill health.

With all this microwave exposure a growing population is becoming electrically hypersensitive. According to one study, by 2017 50% of the population will complain of symptoms of electrosensitivity that include sleeping problems, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, depression, difficulty with concentration and short-term memory, skin problems and well as eye and ear problems like tinnitus.  Perhaps you already experience some of these symptoms.

So is this a conspiracy by some elite group trying to reduce the global population or is it just greed and stupidity that inadvertently have the same effect?

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