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Wi-fi in schools: protect our children!

Posted by seumasach on May 2, 2010

This is an excellent video on the dangers and health risks of installing Wi-Fi in schools. Kids (YES KIDS) describing many of the same symptoms I and others who are sensitive experience when exposed to Wi-Fi, cell towers, cordless phones and other sources of electromagnetic radiation.

Let’s not mince words – with the unmitigated roll-out of Wi-Fi in schools this is a monumental problem and we need to act swiftly and strongly to protect our children. We don’t need peer reviewed/published studies to act on this.

We cannot wait until many our children start showing symptoms. I firmly believe that we need to raise awareness on a massive scale and do whatever it takes to have Wi-Fi removed from schools. If we need to start picketing or peacefully demonstrating on a regular basis, so be it. We the people elect our governments – unfortunately it looks like “we the people” have to do their job of protecting our children.

Link to the video:

Citizens for Safe Technology will be hosting several public meetings in Surrey and Vancouver over the coming months to discuss the dangers and risks of cell phone use by children and also Wi-Fi in schools. We will be showing a new, award winning documentary called “Full Signal”.

Please distribute this message widely and help us continue raise awareness. Judging by the tone of the hearings on microwave radiation in Ottawa this past week, our government isn’t doing anything to protect us and does not want to stop the gravy train of industry revenue from these technologies. Their longer they deny the problem the greater their liability grows.

I’ll leave you with one more link. There you will find several short videos of retired scientist Barry Trower talking about Wi-Fi in schools. Barry worked for the British military intelligence in microwave and stealth warfare. Barry reported a week ago in a radio interview that France is spending 174 million euros pulling Wi-Fi out of all its schools. I have been in touch with Barry’s assistant and she is sending me some info to confirm this.



Director, Citizens for Safe Technology


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