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Honeybees harmed by EMR

Posted by seumasach on April 25, 2010

Dear Dr. Halter:

Thank you for your invaluable book ‘The Incomparable Honeybee’.  I would like to send it to very many people I know, to help them understand that safeguarding honeybees must be an immediate global priority.

My reason for writing to you, though, concerns a phrase on p. 83, in the context of bees’ susceptibility to microwave radiation:

” . . . recently the head researcher of the project issued a statement that there is no established causal link between his findings on electromagnetic radiation and CCD.”

May I ask to whom you are referring and where his statement can be found?  

I was taken aback to see this in your book, with no name or other attribution and therefore nothing to help readers research for themselves.   It is also confusing, because it seems to contradict the information immediately preceding it in the same paragraph.  

Given the corpus of evidence to the contrary, produced by credible, respected scientists in several different countries, I feel it is sadly misleading to make such a cursory reference to the connection between EMR and CCD.  The saturation of our environment with EMR from man-made devices has disastrous consequences for all living creatures, including humans and their future generations; in fact, “catastrophic” is not too strong an adjective when one takes into account humans’ historic reluctance to amend their selfishness towards the environment.  Since the human organism is proven to be very seriously affected by EMR, how can the tiny yet infinitely more sensitive organism of the bee possibly remain unaffected?

For example, please see the attached article by Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, and the link below:

Secondly, I urge you to read “Bees, Birds and Mankind”, by Dr. Ulrich Warnke:

I believe that no intelligent person can possibly read Dr. Warnke’s research findings and dismiss the effect of man-made EMR on the honeybee.  And, as you will see from the lengthy citation list in “Bees, Birds and Mankind”, he is far from alone in his discoveries.

With regard to EMR and CCD, readers of your book should not be left with the impression that your words quoted above represent the last word on the subject.  The more people remain ignorant (willfully or not) about the cumulative effects of  technological choices on their only home, Planet Earth, the less chance of honeybees surviving far into this century.

Yours sincerely,

Rosemary Delnavine
White Rock, BC, Canada

cc: Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, Universität des Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany

Mr. Martin WeatherallCo-director, Canadian Initiative on Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic
Pollution (WEEP), (corresponds with Dr. Goldsworthy)

Ms. Una St. Clair-Moniz, Executive Director, Canadians for Safe Technology Society,

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