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Cell phones present a danger to your health

Posted by seumasach on April 24, 2010

My Digital Life

19th April, 2010

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Retired military scientist Barrie Trower is in town.

A former member of British Intelligence, Barrie Trower began researching the health effects of micro-wave technology long before cell phones appeared on the scene.

Trower has produced a number of reports on the topic and has addressed governments and others on the dangers that include an increased incidence of cancer in people exposed to the radiation caused by wi-fi transmissions.

We are apparently particularly vulnerable at night, so you should not have your phone at your bedside when you sleep.

According to Trower, various species of insects are sensitive to wi-fi radiation.  Bees are particularly vulnerable, and the micro-waves cause disorientation and damaged their navigation abilities.

Transmission towers produce a lot of radiation and should not be located in schools or where people live and work.

Using a cell phone enclosed in a car results in much higher than normal exposure to microwave radiation. When you get into the car the phone should be switched off put into off-line mode.

If we accept Trower’s findings, then we cannot but acknowledge that cell phones are a problem. The question that arises is how do we deal with cell phones into the future? Should we get rid of them completely?

Barrie Trower will be speaking tonight at Fourways High School, Kingfisher Drive, Fourways, Johannesburg.


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