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March 13: Civil Resistance to War and Empire in Nation’s Capital

Posted by seumasach on March 5, 2010

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Peace of the Action

Enough is enough! It’s time we up the ante and demand that our voices be heard and heeded. It’s time that the logical and rational voices of reason get a Peace of the Action.

While the wars in Central Asia and the Middle East rage hotter and hotter, and while the suppression of our civil liberties here in the U.S. continue, Peace of the Action is demanding an immediate cessation to U.S. hostilities.

Peace of the Action will be establishing Camp OUT NOW on the lawn of the Washington Monument (with or without governmental permission) on Saturday, March 13th, (exactly 23 days from today), to be a base of operations from which we will organize and direct daily acts of Civil Resistance throughout the DC area and until our demands are officially recognized.

The first week of Camp OUT NOW, we will be holding non-violent Civil Resistance training, hosting Peace notables and being invigorated by musicians as we start building the community that we are going to need in order to help each other through the planned sustained actions.

All persons, who have had enough of “business as usual” in DC and are willing to put our anti-war, pro humanity principles into practice, are invited to come out to Camp OUT NOW and stay with us for as little or as long as you have available.

Direct acts of non-violent Civil Resistance will begin Monday, March 22nd after we have joined ANSWER Coalition in its “March on Washington” on Saturday, March 20th.

For more information please visit, call or e-mail us.

Cindy Sheehan (National Executive Director) 707-301-6177

Joshua Smith (National Operations Director) 214-566-2137

Robby Diesu (DC Coordinator) 631-241-6966

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