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Haiti: U.S. army is settling in

Posted by seumasach on February 10, 2010


8th February, 2010

The United States military has set up camp in a posh social club where Haiti’s upper crust used to play golf until its walls were destroyed by the hurricane.

At first, the US army distributed some food to the Haitians remaining on the premises but now, according to Officer-in-charge Jeff Zabala, the army is busy protecting the golf course and its equipment to keep the Haitians out.

With each passing day the militarization of the island is gaining momentum, and the Haitian population is beginning to question the real reasons for the presence of the now 14 000 soldiers sent by Barack Obama, up from the initial 10 000 contingent.

The additional 4 000 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division, who are not contributing towards the reconstruction of the country nor coming to the aid of the people, were dispatched when Haiti’s Mining Bureau Director Dieusel Anglade announced that « under its soil, Haiti is rich in oil and fuel.”

As hundreds of Haitians looked on stunned, at least four helicopters landed 100 of these soldiers directly on the grounds of the Presidential Palace [in the photo], an act considered by the population as a loss of sovereignty.

Meanwhile, thousands of Haitians remain hungry and homeless one month after the earthquake devastated their island and hundreds protested in a suburb of Port-au-Prince on Sunday against the mayor’s hoarding of aid provided by relief groups.

Increasingly, they are calling for President René Duval’s resignation and for the return of twice-deposed President Aristide from his exile in South Africa.

One Response to “Haiti: U.S. army is settling in”

  1. wilfried schuler said

    I saw with great suspicion how quick the US trops came in. Much quicker as any help came to New Orleans years ago. Occupation and taking a hold is disguised as help. No way to deny this fact.

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