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Peace of the Action

Posted by seumasach on January 3, 2010

We’ve marched, written, called and faxed but the wars continue.

It is time for new creative strategies and bolder action.

Peace of the Action will bring forward an historic escalation of Peace Activism like we have not seen in the United States in a very long time.

We cannot allow business as usual go on in the Capital of the American Empire.

On a daily basis, Peace of the Action will perform courageous deeds of civil resistance until our demands are met.

We will show our righteous outrage at U.S. militarism by showing our elected officials that “Peace means Business,” by clogging up government business. We want an end to Empire so we can build a new economy that is not drained by the costs of Empire and war. This Empire does not create jobs abroad while it has the effect of destroying jobs here on the domestic front. This Empire builds the profits of transnational businesses while Americans go further into debt and fights wars for oil and resources. It’s time to stop using militarism as the PRIMARY tool of foreign policy. It’s time to start adhering to the U.S. Constitution and International Law.

Our demand is simple:

Troops out of the Middle East, which includes drones, permanent bases, contractors and torture/detention facilities.

We will begin Peace of the Action on March 13th when we gather in Washington, DC to erect Camp OUT NOW on the lawn of the Washington Monument, directly across the street from the White House and our actions will begin on March 22nd.

We need individuals who realize that time is running short for us to truly affect change through commitment and dedication to humanity through the end to the U.S. Empire (and its subsidiaries).

Individual commitment will entail at least a once a week civil resistance mission and support to the group at large through contributing to the running and infrastructure of our encampment.

Your commitment can range from the entire action: Until our demands are met, or any other chunk of time that you are available. Click here to join now!

If you have questions please write Cindy Sheehan at

This web page brought to you by Voters For Peace.

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