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Angola and Argentina sign accord on higher education

Posted by smeddum on October 25, 2009

10/25/09 9:55 AM

Angola and Argentina sign accord on higher education


Buenos Aires – The governments of Angola and Argentina signed last Friday, in Buenos Aires City, a cooperation accord in the field of higher education and a verbal process on the first session of the bilateral commission, at the end of two-day talks between the delegations of both countries.

The documents were signed, for the Angolan side, by the Public Works minister, Higino Carneiro, while the Federal Planning, Public Investments and Services minister and the secretary of state for Trade and International Relations, Júlio de Vido and Alfredo Chiarodia respectively, signed for Argentina.

In the meeting, which happened in San Martin Palace in the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Angola handed over an accord proposal in the cultural sector and it was received with satisfaction by the local officials.

The referred document sets up a lot of actions that cover areas like artistic training, plastic arts, dance, cinema and cultural heritage.

The areas of industry, farming, and fisheries also deserved a deep reflection from the two delegations and Argentina committed itself to transferring high technology to teach Angolan staff of these sectors in the economic activity.

The signed minute also highlights the deliberations of the bilateral commission, the satisfactory state of the relations between the two countries and the firm willingness of expanding them to other fields.

The Angolan delegation held on the fringes of the bilateral commission a meeting with entrepreneurs and members linked to the productive areas of Argentina’s provincial governments, where they learned about the resources and business opportunities in Angola.

The Angola team comprised about 25 technicians from various institutions, namely Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Public Works, Petroleum, Agriculture and Rural Development and Education, as well as the State Department for Higher Education and
National Customs Department.

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