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Mike Ruppert: CIA drug running By Cynthia McKinney

Posted by smeddum on October 23, 2009

A Message From Mike Ruppert by Cynthia McKinney, October 22, 2009

By Cynthia McKinney

For OpEdNews: Cynthia McKinney – Writer

A Message From Mike Ruppert by Cynthia McKinney,

October 22, 2009
Hello! As many of you know, Mike Ruppert is singularly responsible for confirming from the inside what many of us on the outside knew: that the black community didn’t have the infrastructure to import and distribute crack cocaine from which it still reels today, but the CIA did.
Mike was on it on September 11th! And explained it to us in his book, “Crossing the Rubicon.”
Mike is on it in his film CoLLapse, and explains it to us in his new book, “A Presidential Energy Policy.”
Mike has taken many bullets for us, so that we may know the truth. Now, several more have been fired at him, but we must deflect them and not allow them to (do what they want to do with all of us with targets on our foreheads and) put this warror down. Mike needs our help. Here’s what he sent out yesterday:
Please Distribute Widely
CA Presidential Energy Policy will be released November 24, 2009 from Variance Publishing. — Ascot Media Press Release (for Variance Publishing), Oct. 13th, 2009.
October 21, 2009
On October 19, just six days after issuing a press release announcing that Presidential Energy Policy: Twenty-five Points Addressing the Siamese Twins of Energy and Money be in bookstores on November 24th, Variance Publishing owner Tim Schulte notified me by telephone that his company was refusing to publish the book because Point Twenty-four called for legalization of the hemp plant as a partial solution to the energy and economic crises. Schulte cited moral and religious grounds for his decision. I run a moral and ethical company. I don’t allow drug use to be advocated. I don’t allow rampant sexuality or profanity in my books, Schulte said.
Schultes reversal came as headline stories around the country were reporting that President Obama had just ordered federal law enforcement agencies to stop raiding medical marijuana facilities in states where its use has been legalized. No prior objections to the point have been raised by the books reviewers who have all offered extensive praise for the work. Personal letters to me from many credible sources have expressed thanks for the book and welcoming it, including one from former President Jimmy Carter.
Schultes decision made it impossible for book buyers to go to book stores and find the book after seeing the critically-acclaimed buzz-film CoLLapse which is scheduled for theatrical and video-on-demand release in November. (Hemp is not mentioned in the film but the film is based upon the book and says so both in the film and on its poster.)
Schulte admitted that he had read the entire book after receiving it in June, felt the hemp objection at the time, but did not object to me because he thought that would be taken care of in editing. He offered no explanation as to how I was expected to rewrite Point Twenty-Four and another small section of the book in the few days left before he was committed to send it to the printer. Schulte added that he was aware that I had an agreement with the books digital publisher New World Digital to have the same book on both ends and that for me to substantively change the book would violate my agreement with New World.
As a matter of principle I refused to remove Point Twenty-four and also said that I would not break the agreement with New World. Schulte then announced that he was voiding the contract because he could. Schulte was unable to offer any other explanation as to why he had waited until the last minute to raise his objection.
In the book I clearly outlined a multitude of uses for the hemp plant as a means to stimulate local food production, for soil restoration and for the plants wide variety of energy-saving uses from nutritional supplements, to lamp oils, to paper, to clothing. None of this makes any sense. Variance had the book for months and had gone to the expense of cover design, layout and issuing the press release before raising the issue.
Variances decision came three weeks after Oregon State Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian issued a misleading and inaccurate press release (for which he later apologized) stating that I had personally been fined in an Oregon sexual harassment case which he had not read and which was filled with legal and ethical errors. I continue to maintain my complete innocence inthat case which is now under appeal. I was never a named defendant in that case.
The only conclusion I can reach is that there is a concerted effort to keep the American people and readers around the world from reading this book. There is only one way to fight back.
OPTIONS I have been involved in legal battles for five years now. In 2005-06 I fought and won a civil case in California showing that a former employee, Chris Fusco, had deliberately attempted to sabotage From The Wilderness (FTW). From 2006 until now I have spent an estimated $45,000 proving that I did not ransack FTW offices and smash all seven computers while publishing the Pat Tillman exposC3A9 and to fight the harassment charges. I have also fought a malicious and libelous campaign by a local Oregon newspaper to smear my reputation, even after the editor was convicted of having sex with a minor and remains under ongoing investigation for racketeering and fraud. A legal action will do nothing to get the book into stores in time to benefit from CoLLapses success. I am broke as a result of these non-stop attacks and cannot afford a retainer for yet another lawyer. I am also personally out of energy to engage in another legal battle that cannot solve the immediate problem.
As a result of Variances decision, all rights to the book have reverted to me (except for digital and print-on-demand) rights which belong to New World Digital — now the only source for this vitally important book which is available from Amazon. Retail book vendors will not buy print-on-demand books because unsold copies cannot be returned for credit. I do not have an agent but will happily talk to any literary agents or publishers who step forward. My original agent was fired for a series of egregious miscommunications. Any attempt to try and secure a new publisher for this critically-acclaimed book might take months and no publisher could have the book in stores in less than six months. I have decided to focus on the movie as the only way to get around this newest unfounded attack on my lifes work the only motive for which is to save lives. Widespread reading of A Presidential Energy Policy remains the ultimate objective of all the work I put into CoLLapse. For that I will need help.
NORML After the developments I immediately contacted the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Yesterday, I taped a radio interview with NORMLs Russ Belville on Variances actions. Please contact NORML as to how you can hear it. If you have contacts in any local NORML chapters please bring this to their attention immediately. This ridiculous attack cannot go unanswered.
FLOOD THE SCREENINGS! The only way to save the book now is to promote the film. CoLLapse has been mentioned by one critic as an Oscar candidate for the 2011 Oscars. That means it will have a long shelf life. CoLLapse is scheduled for theatrical screenings in the following cities. Full details here.
It is all a matter of numbers. The way to see that CoLLapse gets screened in more theaters, in more cities, and stays there is to flood these screenings. In this country every vote may not be counted but every dollar always is. Long lines at screenings (which will result in some being turned away) will guarantee that additional screenings and theaters will be added. The film, once seen, will inflame public demand to see it. That is the only thing that will provide time to find another way to get the book into stores.
I will likely not see any personal income from the film until December at the earliest. Meantime I am still struggling to raise my November rent. I am incredibly gratified by the response to our pleas for donations to keep a roof over my head and to fight the Oregon appeal. Please send your donations to: either Mike Ruppert (for personal use), or the FTW Legal Defense Fund at 10736 Jefferson Blvd., PMB 618, Culver City California, 90232. For instructions on PayPal and wire transfer please see elsewhere on this blog or the FTW archival site (
RUBBING SALT INTO THE WOUND 93 Immediately after talking to Schulte I called Jenna Orkin who runs the blog bearing my name. In less than thirty minutes she sent me back this book excerpt from Variances web site:
Fu(k, he muttered to himself, turning off the car’s ignition for the third time. Cal wasnt used to being nervous, and he didnt like how it felt. Go88amnit! he said, slamming his hands on the wheels. God-8amn you Dan, you a$$hole! (Expletives are censored here).
I am unable to provide a contact phone number because the only phone I have is my home phone. For media and interview requests please send an email to We check this on a daily basis. Questions about additional screenings of CoLLapse should be directed to
Michael C. Ruppert
Cynthia McKinney

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