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Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up

Posted by smeddum on August 31, 2009

One Response to “Cindy Sheehan: America needs to wake up”

  1. Greg Bacon said

    “Aww, that’s not fair! Anytime Obama speaks, I get all warm and fuzzy inside! He’s not that mean and nasty GW Bush or that crazy Cheney, no, he’s a ‘peace’ loving man and will do the right thing, just as long as we give him plenty of time and all our money!!”

    “Now excuse me, I have to go watch my most fav show, ‘Dancing with the Stars!!!” After that, I’ll settle down with a large bag of chips and a Diet Pepsi–gotta watch that weight–and read cover to cover that latest National Enquirer!!”

    “Then I’ll catch up on the latest scoop on Michael Jackson!!!”

    “Who says Americans don’t read?”

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