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Mike Hudson- interview in New York

Posted by smeddum on August 5, 2009

One Response to “Mike Hudson- interview in New York”

  1. KevinB said

    Excellent film…..but what’s new?….only the inevitable collapse and God knows what comes with it.

    The basic scam that is the banking industry/financial markets is breathtaking.
    One is bound to ask how could such a criminal confidence trick be pulled on the entire world for so long. However we, collectively, seem to be waking up to our situation.
    The end of this process can only, must, be an end to money-creation by banks and an end to the thieving international money markets.

    It is pretty easy to understand when you observe that the UK and US public have given trillions of dollars to banks to bail them out……and now we OWE ALL THIS SAME MONEY TO THE SAME BANKING SYSTEM TO WHICH WE HAVE JUST GIVEN THE MONEY.

    Actually, even this simple series of transactions are not what they appears. The banks remain bankrupt. It is just that they do not have to declare in public the toxic assets and debts they hold in their vaults.

    The estimated value of these within the global system is $1,000,000,000,000+ (over one thousand trillion dollars, more than 10 times the ‘value’ of everything on earth).

    This is a problem that can NEVER be fixed except by writing off all these worthless derivatives which will leave far eastern debtor countries, your pension fund etc., etc up the swanee.

    There will certainly be a massive collapse of money itself, starting with the dollar, and OUR VERY GOOD FRIENDS the international bankers, will have a new system, a global system controlled by one central bank, ready and waiting for us when that day shortly arrives.

    Let us admit it.

    We are stupid….

    …..but can we possibly remain so stupid, after recent experience, to submit ourselves to the tender mercies of these private corporations ever again?

    We shall see.

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