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No EU For Iceland: Left-Greens

Posted by seumasach on February 24, 2009

The Euro is a crucial question for Iceland given the immense vulnerability of the their currency, the Krona. There is nothing “independent” about an Iceland at the mercy of the IMF and international speculators.

Iceland’s Left-Green Movement has taken a “clear and conclusive” stance against the country joining the European Union, and is using its position in the country’s interim coalition government to make sure it does not happen.

“The Left-Greens’ stance is clear and conclusive,” said party group chairman Jón Bjarnason in Parliament last Wednesday. “We believe it is better for the sake of protecting Iceland’s interests to remain outside the European Union and that we’re better off without it considering our independent policy.”

A rift has formed in the interim coalition government over the issue, with the LGM and center-right Independence Party voicing opposition to Iceland joining the EU and the center-left Social Democrat Alliance in favor of it. The debate waged on in Parliament for most of last week.

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