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Save Our Butterflies!

Posted by smeddum on February 22, 2009


More than 50 MPs have signed an Early Day Motion tabled by the MP Bob Russell, who represents Colchester and is a long-time Butterfly Conservation member.

It states that:

this House registers its deep concern at the decline in the butterfly population, with numbers reported by the charity Butterfly Conservation to be at their lowest for 25 years, with the small tortoiseshell showing the biggest decline of 81 per cent; congratulates the thousands of volunteers who each year provide information for the UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme operated by Butterfly Conservation and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology; welcomes the comments of Sir David Attenborough, President of Butterfly Conservation, who is promoting an appeal to raise funds for the charity’s Stop Extinction Appeal; and calls on the Government to promote cross-departmental policies to assist in safeguarding Britain’s butterflies



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Environmentalists of every shade have an answer: throw money at research. That is not exactly an answer. It dismisses everything
of substance that has been said previously, out of hand.
For example; will any of this money be earmarked to look at the effects of electromagnetic radiation on our environment?

While the UK government, largely a bunch of dunderheads, is promoting
a carbon reducing economy with common sense
type tips.  Butterflies are being used for research into solar power and honey has been patented as form of energy.

Butterflies and bees might hold the future when we consider the so-called energy crisis. This is best couched in energy efficiency terms than
fear mongering about global warming. The latter has become code for the former.
Yet while all this potential for our pollinators is in the pipeline, we have to remember, that the food crisis cannot be left unabated.

“Pollinators are the unseen engines driving an ecosystem,” say Buchman and Nabhan. “They couple plant to plant and plant to animal, spinning the verdant world through endless cycles and feedback loops, providing fuel and fuses and safety valves. Unless we provide a seat belt for the pollinators, we may drive ourselves into a cul-de- sac.”

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