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Condemned Cells – Dramatic new facts on Honey bees dying

Posted by seumasach on February 11, 2009

This urgent appeal for open-minded investigation was written 18 months ago, but still EM radiation remains a taboo and all the other leads have lead nowhere.

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Martin Weatheral


4 Aug 2007

Several months ago when I first saw reports about large numbers of honey bees dying, I was concerned.  I considered electro magnetic radiation (EMR) as a strong possible cause.  During the last few months, with further information becoming available,  I have become even more worried about the situation.  No new information has caused me to doubt that EMR is involved in this environmental disaster. 

The lengthy story (linked below) from the Telegraph Magazine, a world class newspaper, indicates to me that the problem is truly critical and could endanger all life on earth.  The main part of the story that causes me so much concern is where the researcher is comparing autopsy results of bees from colonies with known sickness, to bees that are from ‘healthy colonies.  The researcher states – “But when you get them under the microscope, nearly all the bees look sick.  I’ve done a thousand of these autopsies in three months and I tell you, its really difficult to find a healthy looking bee”.  

“This one, like so many CCD bees, has a shocking amount of disease symptoms.  Its venom sac and sting gland are swollen and discoloured, indicating infection.  Its kidneys are blackened, its intestines are scarred and it was clearly suffering from terrible constipation.  The contents of its rectum should be soft but this is hard, undigested and really packed in there.  We see this a lot.  These bees can’t relieve themselves but we have no idea why or what it means”.  “The immune systems in CCD bees are severely compromised.  Secondary infections from bacteria and fungus are taking advantage of their weakened immune systems and leaving this blackening and scarring on their internal organs.  But what is attacking or degrading their immune systems”? 

From my own experience with illness and cancer from exposure to electro magnetic radiation and from research that indicates human immune systems being damaged by EMR, it is not too difficult for me to imagine the damage that is being caused to bees immune systems by electro magnetic radiation.  We know that electro magnetic radiation is harming the immune systems of animals and humans, should we expect something different from honey bees?  Added information that I have seen in the last two months indicates that EMR exposure causes yeast and fungus to grow and spread much more quickly than non exposed items.  This may well account for some of the symptoms noted during the bee autopsies.  

Although the ‘Telegraph’ story is well written and well researched, it has one major and extremely important mistake, the reporter writes off mobile phones and electro magnetic radiation as the cause of the honey bees dying.  The reporter’s reasoning for making this statement is entirely wrong.  Two German scientist reported their experiment with a cordless telephone as being inconclusive, yet the results of their experiment gave great cause for concern and very strong reasons why much further research needs to be completed into the health effects of electro magnetic radiation on honey bees (see the attached research paper and make your own conclusions).  The two scientists have not declared that EMR is safe, they have not stated that EMR is not causing CCD and they have not suggested that further research is not needed.  The scientists are simply been cautious of what they have researched and found.  There is still every reason to believe that EMR is involved with honey bees dying and that serious research must be conducted quickly. 

What may be a simple and sensible testing procedure, would be to check the health of honey bees having no exposure to electro magnetic radiation against those known to have a high EMR exposure.  Researchers could test the immune systems of bees that have been exposed to EMR, against those from a clean environment.  In the Telegraph story, it states that the first to suffer and the hardest hit were the bees being transported across America to pollinate different crops.  To travel across North America these days is to travel down roads which can be best described as ‘microwave alleys’.  You continually pass from one cell phone mast to another cell phone mast, never away from very strong emissions of electro magnetic radiation.  If the honey bees immune systems are being harmed by radiation, this is just about the worst place for them to be.  I know of humans that are being badly affected by cell phone masts during their road journeys, honey bees may also be harmed by radiation from these and other antennas.  One option that may be worth further research is for each country reporting CCD, to map out their bee colonies that are dying and compare it to maps of antennas and power levels of EMR in those areas. 

This is an impending environmental nightmare that could affect the entire human race.  Much further research needs to be put into the problem and no items should be ignored, specially electro magnetic radiation.  Please read the linked story below and the attached documents. 

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Martin Weatherall 

W.E.E.P.  Wireless Electrical and Electromagnetic Pollution.

5 Responses to “Condemned Cells – Dramatic new facts on Honey bees dying”

  1. Doug Gialluca said

    Electromagnetic Emissions is no joking matter as a Extra Class license operator and a CRI Home Inspector I feel that there is not enough information on the subject. However there is a concern buy HUD for the position of homes under high voltage cables and the distance from them. The second point is the requirement for a FCC license comes with the knowledge of MPE, Maximum permissible exposure, as for how much power you are transmitting with and evaluation of how far you are from the antenna. Interesting facts that could also be added to your story along with the higher frequencies used today (micro and above) in which breaks down the the protective layer of the nucleus of a cell to heat in (non ionizing) a cell is just as dangerous as cancerous (ionizing) radiation in my opinion.

  2. Nova Robinson said

    Has anyone looked into the possibility of pollen of GMO plants (corn, soy, wheat, cotton) being consumed by bees or bee exposure to the pollen as a contributer to this problem? I was watching a documentary called “The future of food” and one of the scientists whose research has been squelched by Montsano (corporate giant who has patented seeds and creates GMO food/pesticides/Round-up)conducted some research where the result was that 40% of the Monarch Butterfly catepillers who ate GMO pollen died after becoming butterflies for unknown reasons which was considered a significant death rate and linked to the pollen.

  3. raj said

    Th fact it is GM products that ARE killing the bees. The first record statistic show bees stated dying around mid 1970’s and the FIRST general principle of producing a GMO of adding new genetic material into an organism’s genome – was discovered in 1973. The GM industry is worth billions. The goal is to get control of the world food chain. GM food will destroy the human Immune System, to a degree that the worlds population will start to die out and reduce to 6 billion to a few hundred thousand in under a decade.

  4. inthesenewtimes said

    There are no GM crops in Switzerland and yet CCD is present there. Also, it is not a question so much of dying but of disappearing, in the first instance: many things kill bees but CCD has distinctive features which only fit the EM radiation thesis.

  5. Bruno Ragghianti said

    The little i have heard and read about this subject scares me to the point of switching off my cell phone and returning to the use of a landline that presents no threat whatsoever to any species. Cut off your phone and you reduce the EMR being produced by cell towers. We need to move quickly and decisively if we are to avoid a mammoth international catastrosphe.

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