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Rehn expects that Iceland will start the EU application process

Posted by seumasach on February 6, 2009


4th February, 2009

Olli Rehn, enlargement coordinator of the EU, has reaffirms that he thinks that Iceland would still be welcome as a new member nation of the union, as it says the Finnish newspaper Helsinki Sanomat.



These comments did not set easily for the president of the European parliament, the right-winger Hans-Gert Pottering and it was reported yesterday by mbl. In a conversation that appeared in the newspaper Aamulethi said Pottering that discussions of this sort could complicate the confirmation of the Lissabon agreement, especially in Ireland where the elections about that will be held again next fall.

Rehn said the confirmation of the agreement is not any less a basic matter for the management. In his eyes it is normal that the manager of the enlargement matters participates in discussions about what has been happening for the last year regarding enlargement matters.

“All European nations that meet the requirements of democracy and legislation and executes them in reality, can apply to be a member of the EU. Iceland falls under this analysis better than the Balkan nations for instance,” said Olli Rehn in an interview with Helsinki Sanomat.

The enlargement coordinator points out that Iceland fills all the democratic definitions of the EU. It is also a member of the NATO and at least two third of the legislation of EU is already valid there.

Rehn expects that Iceland will start the application process and the will to go through the definitions of membership in the EU area could also contribute to stability in the economy of Iceland.

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