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The Moment to Counter-attack

Posted by seumasach on January 7, 2009

Cailean Bochanan

18th July, 2007

Two recent events could point to the emergence of a genuine opposition to the ruling elite in the anglosphere: the break from the left by Cindy Sheehan and her decision to stand against Pelosi and Michael Moore’s belated recognition of the dark underside of 9/11 and the need for a proper investigation. Both cases revealed a high level of disillusionment with the Democratic Party and its failure to exploit its election success in November.

What would constitute a genuine opposition? One not run by the people it was meant to be opposing. That doesn’t seem too much to ask but the dismal failure of the so-called anti-war movement and its fawning submissiveness before the Democratic party, or a supposed oppositional wing within New Labour, showed quite clearly that the strategy of running both sides, developed over the course of centuries by the Anglo-Saxon elite, was in play.

But the process of control through co-option has its limits and we are seeing these now. What happens when such a strategy becomes ineffective? The elite need something more drastic, to enforce their rule in a more direct, coercive fashion. Now is the moment they need the “war on terror” like never before. Another “catalysing event”, to use the PNAC’s euphemism for an attack on their own population, would provide a chance to overthrow the constitution at home and to bounce a reluctant military into the madness of an attack, likely nuclear, against Iran.

How does the Downing Street’s absurd anti-Russian campaign fit in the picture? Maybe they see conflict with Iran as inevitably leading to a wider conflict, in fact, a world war – all flowing form the conundrum the war party faced from the moment they became bogged down in Iraq: escalate or withdraw. They have since become paralysed unable to choose a clear direction largely because they faced an increasingly disaffected military. Will Cheney and his crew finally cast off their shackles and bury their own crimes in the rubble of a global conflagration? 

It will be difficult: many have wisened up to the false-flag tactic. Furthermore, with the left-right political game exposed as a sham we have a chance to form a genuine opposition to the criminals whose war against terror is now a war against humanity, a war they are conducting on multiple fronts; bankrupting and impoverishing the population, destroying our health and environment, undermining our rights as citizens and plunging us into the horror of war without end. We face a terrifying regression at the hands of an elite whose deepest wish is to break once and for all from the the constraints of the nation state(or, more fundamentally, any notion of society), its institutions, its productive capacity, its notion of a common good and its people.

But they are overstretched on all fronts, not just in Iraq and Afghanistan. The dramatic housing crash in the US must inevitably bring into question the way in which people have been lured into debt. In Britain we see the clear emergence of a movement, at the present on a local basis, of opposition to the proliferation of mobile phone masts on the basis of the clear perception that we are being lied about their safety. The farcical “terrorist attacks” in London and Glasgow of the last weeks cannot have assuaged the growing suspicion about who was behind the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Finally, the Iraq war is more unpopular than ever and people can only look on in disbelief as it becomes clear that we are to “stay the course until the job is done”.
Now is the moment for a counter-attack on all fronts. We are engaged in a struggle to survive as human beings not human machines( as Aristotle defined slavery)and even to survive at all: can we finally throw off the ideological chains that have bound us and get to our enemies before they get to the button?

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