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Attack of the Bush Shoe -Toss Game continues

Posted by smeddum on December 24, 2008


Attack of the Bush Shoe-Toss Games Continues

By Lewis Wallace December 19, 2008 |


The surge of games, videos and creative websites that pay tribute to an Iraqi journalist’s presidential shoe-toss continues to grow.

The simple site Thank You for Throwing Your Shoe offers thanks to Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the now-famous journo who shoe-bombed President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference last Sunday. The site solicits photos of people with their own footwear as a tribute to al-Zeidi’s unsuccessful two-shoe attack.

“Hold up your shoe for Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who was arrested for throwing his shoes at President Bush,” the site says. “We don’t condone shoe throwing, but we prefer it to war.”

Since first wrote about the rapid appearance of animated GIFs and games immortalizing the incident, many more impromptu memorials have surfaced, mostly in the form of games.

The Shoe Bush Worldwide game (screenshot above) lets players fling a wide variety of footwear — from high heels to cowboy boots — at an increasingly disheveled president, with success measured by a Whack-O-Meter. Duck Duck Bush lets gamers chuck almost anything (including a pit bull with lipstick) at the commander in chief.

Kroma’s Bush game asks, “Can you throw a shoe at Bush?” The tally indicates more than 50 million virtual shoes have been tossed (with more than 6 million hits).

Other games include:

  • Kast Sko Mot Bush, a cool, catapult-powered game
  • Ninja Bush, which puts the president in a black ninja outfit and lets him return fire with baseballs
  • Bye Bye Bush, which shows the president on an infinite field (and gives players a seemingly endless supply of shoes)
  • Bush Shoe Incident, which tests players’ reaction time

The creative animated GIFs are still surfacing, too:

Meanwhile, raw footage of al-Zeidi’s angry shoe attack remains atop the list of viral videos, as ranked byViral Video Chart, with more than 12 million views so far. The Facebook fan page for Muntadar al-Zaidi (The Shoe Thrower) now has more than 17,000 fans.

He might need the friends: An Iraqi judge “announced a probe Friday into the beating and bruising of an Iraqi journalist’s face moments after he hurled his shoes at President George W. Bush,” according to the Associated Press.

4 Responses to “Attack of the Bush Shoe -Toss Game continues”

  1. said

    Here is a fun game based on the incident

  2. coffee said

    these shoe throwing games are too funny

  3. vinesh said

    hi,im vnesh frm malaysia i like to give a speech,these a serious matter,v must take action.President BUSH is a GOD ALIKE.

  4. This game has Bush throwing shoes at Iraqi journalists….from a hellicopter. It’s hilarious: You can even try it on Facebook:

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