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Mercosur tells Brits to leave Malvinas

Posted by seumasach on December 17, 2008


17th December, 2008

Members of the Mercosur bloc have rejected Britain’s claim to sovereignty over the Falkland archipelago as an overseas territory.

The South American trade bloc unanimously backed Argentina’s efforts to gain possession of the chain of islands, originally known as Islas Malvinas, located some 300 miles off the Argentinean coast in the southern Atlantic, AFP reported.

Mercosur, or the Southern Common Market, issued a statement on Tuesday announcing the members’ “support to the legitimate rights of the Argentine Republic in the sovereignty dispute over the Malvinas Islands.”

The statement also said that Britain’s claim “is incompatible with the existence of a
sovereignty dispute over such archipelagos.”

The British conquered the islands in 1690 and have had settlers there ever since.

Britain and Argentina fought a war over the islands in 1982, which ended after the South American country surrendered.

One Response to “Mercosur tells Brits to leave Malvinas”

  1. Julio César COTELO F. said

    Mistaken alledged country as having sovereignty on Malvinas. Rest of the text is indeed obvious and right.
    History is a science, not a soccer field. So, neither UK nor Argentina may claim there. 1982 casus belli was a tragedy; mankind was spoiled.

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