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Chávez: “Economic crisis must serve to create a new international order”

Posted by smeddum on October 31, 2008

Chávez: “Economic crisis must serve to create a new international order”
POLITICS El Universo
Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez restated Thursday the need to seize the global financial crisis to create “new international institutions.”

Chavez made his proposal during a special event dedicated to the social integration of disabled persons, in a nationwide mandatory radio and TV broadcast.

“New international institutions should be created,” said Chávez after rejecting that the solution to the crisis is to reorganize and revitalize capitalism, EFE reported.

“They imposed the dictatorship of the dollar and of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) system on the rest of the world; in other words, they imposed the dominion of the United States. However, the system has collapsed. We must set up a new system,” Chávez said.

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