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Europe Tries to Shield Itself From America’s Toxic Contagion

Posted by seumasach on October 12, 2008


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Bush begged the G-7 to help fix America’s economic meltdown. Like a drowning man trying to hang onto the back of a good swimmer, or like a criminal trying to bring in others to his defense, he pleadingly said “We’re all in this together.”

But nothing concrete came out of the G-7 meeting, as the European countries weren’t willing to slit their own throats to help the U.S. Instead, right after the G-7 broke up, the European countries met in Paris and agreed to concrete proposals to protect Europe from the economic crisis.

In response, Paulson begged for a joint response:


“Appealing for global unity in a time of crisis, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Sunday that isolationism and protectionism do not offer a way to contain the spreading damage.”

Will Europe be able to save itself? Stay tuned for updates .

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