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Chavez for Turning South America into World Power

Posted by smeddum on October 5, 2008

Chavez for Turning South America into World Power
Caracas, Oct 5 (Prensa Latina) South America should become a leading power in today´s multipolar world, said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who also advised the United States “to learn to listen.”

According to Chavez, who was interviewed by a local radio station, “South America and the Caribbean must be new factors in world power”. The statesman pointed out that his statement stems from the recent creation of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and the various integration projects on the energy, geopolitics and financial sectors already being implemented in the region.

Asked about an eventual comeback of the so-called Cold War after increasing military ties between Venezuela and Russia, the President regarded a cold war reactivation as practically impossible.

“A multipolar world is being created. A new world of relations, new codes of interrelations among world powers,” he stressed.

Referring to the upcoming navy military maneuvers with Russia, Chavez said the presence of the Russian Navy is positive: “The US IV fleet is also coming, as well as France is coming to carry out war games with us and other countries in the Caribbean waters.”

Regarding the current international situation, the Venezuelan President said a different world is being born after the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the decline of the United States.

A multipolar world is being created by Russia, China and Europe. The United States Empire is never going to recover, expressed the Venezuelan president.

In this context he explained that the United States government should learn to read current economic, geopolitical and independence messages.

Chavez said President George W. Bush will leave the White House being an illiterate from the geopolitical and historical point of view.

It would be good to sit down one day with a president of the United States who listens, he stressed.

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