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Senate Move to Vote on Bailout is Unconstitutional

Posted by smeddum on October 1, 2008

Senate Move to Vote on Bailout is Unconstitutional Forward Liberally

Various media outlets are reporting that Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to call a vote on the Wall Street Bailout Plan tomorrow night. This would be a clear violation of the United States Constitution.

Article 1, Section 7 – Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto – All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

The Wall Street Bailout is clearly a bill to raise revenue – $770 billion of it to be exact. Such a bill CANNOT originate in the Senate. It MUST originate in the House. If Reid moves the bill to a vote he should be impeached expelled from the Senate for a clear violation of his oath of office.

E-Mail Reid and McConnell (the Repub leader) NOW. Cut and paste this message:

Do not violate the Constitutional by voting on the Bailout Bill before the House. Please remember, all bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives!

Harry Reid’s E-Mail
Mitch McConnell’s E-Mail

5 Responses to “Senate Move to Vote on Bailout is Unconstitutional”

  1. smeddum said

    There is no telling what they will do but I am pretty certain that they will need the House of Representatives to pass it for the bill to pass into legislation. There is no harm done in letting them know.

  2. inthesenewtimes said

    I suspected it was unconstitutional but here’s the confirmation.

  3. Liberty said

    Sad, so very sad. Our Government is just pissing on the Constitution while giving us the finger and we sit here and do nothing.

    They will pass an unconstitutional bill, no one will care, as long as they have their job, go home, drink a beer and sit their fat ass on the couch to watch dancing with the stars.

    We don’t deserve the freedom America gives us, we are getting what we deserve.

    Anyone know the quote that Benjamin Franklin said to the lady who asked if we have a Republic or Monarchy?

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    That quote sent chills up my spine because we cannot keep it, pop open another beer fat ass Americans and don’t forget to vote for your favorite celebrity on dancing with the stars!!

  4. davidbnava said

    They attached their souped-up bill to a House Bill that had already been turned down, thus getting around the Constitutional requirements. For an updated post:


  5. […] From what we know of socialism and how it works, I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if Sen. Obama became president that we would go further down the path of giving the government MORE power, something that is very hard to come back from. Consider that a teacher of Constitutional law had no problem in proposing unconstitutional tax legislation in the senate. […]

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