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NAM backs Iran’s right to acquire peaceful nuclear energy

Posted by smeddum on August 3, 2008

NAM backs Iran’s right to acquire peaceful nuclear energy
Posted: 2008/08/02

The 15th meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement ”NAM” foreign ministers wound up on Wednesday releasing a final statement and two documents on Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities and the Zimbabwe crisis.

In the document about Iran’s nuclear issue, participating delegates voiced their support for the country’s peaceful nuclear program.

The meeting endorsed a statement on the Iranian nuclear dossier, underlining Iran’s right to obtain nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

The statement urged bodies concerned with the dossier to go ahead with negotiations to find a peaceful way out of the crisis.

They have also referred to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as the only legitimate source to study nuclear activities of its member states.

The 380-article NAM communique covered all political, economic, social, cultural and media matters concerning NAM countries and the world, mainly food security, climate change and energy.

It also tackled pressing political issues of concern to NAM, including the situation in the Middle East, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, occupied Arab territories, Sudan and others.

Regarding the situation in Zimbabwe, the ministers underlined the significant role that the African Union, the United Nations and South Africa could play in pushing for an agreement between the official and opposition parties in the country.

The meeting also adopted a statement on Palestine, calling on the Movement to take practical measures in support of the Palestinians and in denouncing the massive punishment taking place there at the hand of the Israelis.

It emphasized the need to push for end of the siege, amelioration of the humanitarian conditions in Gaza and the West Bank and Israel’s implementation of international resolutions towards the end of the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories.

At the end of the meeting, NAM ministers thanked the Iranian leadership and government for the sound organization and warm welcome that helped the meeting come out with a positive outcome.

The two-day meeting which started on Tuesday with a speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ended its work yesterday with a speech by Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.

In his address to the meeting’s closing session, Mottaki appreciated NAM member states’ support for Tehran’s peaceful nuclear activities.

In addition to its member states, the NAM ministerial meeting was attended by 15 observer members. Representatives of eight international and regional organisations attended the gathering.

The NAM member states consider themselves not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. –IRNA

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