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Clusters of Illness, Clusters of Distress – By Products of A Wireless Age and All Predicted

Posted by seumasach on June 24, 2008

“Those responsible in Government, the HPA, ICNIRP as well as the Industry will be held to account for their continuing lack of action on this issue, continuing to fail to protect citizens from the health hazards of Electro-Magnetic Fields [EMFs].”


Mast Sanity 24th June, 2008

Cancer Clusters, clusters of ill health, depression and even suicide were predicted[1] several years ago in proximity to Mobile Phone Masts and other Wireless sources of Microwave Radiation. Yet the UK Government has long ignored such warnings.

The extremely sad situation in Kingswinford where another Cancer Cluster has been discovered in proximity to a monster Mobile Phone Mast platform is one of the latest examples [2]. This is consistent with the study from 3-4 years ago in Naila in Germany[3].

The incredibly worrying and increasing suicide cluster in Bridgend[4] , with the latest suicide just last week, 16th June 2008[8], a town with a large concentration of Mobile Phone Masts and town-wide Wi-Fi[5] (Wi-Fi since 2006 or so) – should be the subject of an open and transparent Public Inquiry looking at all the factors.


The Mobile Phone Industry must be aware of the dangers and health risks themselves – one example being how, in 2000, The ECOLOG Report[6] (containing damning evidence of harm from Mobile Phones) – but paid for by T-Mobile in Germany – was not published at the time – it only surfaced quietly into the public domain several years later. In the US Dr. George Carlo, a leading epidemiologist who formerly headed the $28 million Wireless Technology Research (WTR) program funded by the Mobile Phone Industry, warned the Mobile Phone Industry about the dangers in the 1990’s yet his findings were not published[9].


It is already untenable for the UK Government and the Health Protection Agency [HPA] to ignore the growing amount of evidence of the harm that Mobile Phone Masts are causing. It was for this reason that a Mast Sanity delegation led by Trustee Yasmin Skelt delivered a copy of the BioInitaitive Report[7] to Downing Street in December 2007 and why she led another delegation to Downing Street 2 weeks ago demanding immediate action from Gordon Brown.

Trustee Yasmin Skelt said “We are calling on the Health Protection Agency to carry out proper epidemiological studies of suicide[11] and cancer clusters using protocols developed by Dr. Gerd Oberfeld[10] (MD). Researchers need to know where the masts are, how long they have been there and the technical details. The link between electromagnetic fields and depression has been known since the 1930s”


Mast Sanity is the largest group in the country campaigning for the safe siting of masts and has links with related groups globally. We request and would welcome a meeting with the Prime Minister or his Ministers to discuss maximising safety from mobile telephony for the general population.

Again, Mast Sanity ask the Prime Minister to instruct the Chief Medical Officer and the Health Protection Agency [HPA] to issue warnings to the British public and ensure that Public exposure limits are greatly reduced immediately. Those responsible in Government, the HPA, ICNIRP as well as the Industry will be held to account for their continuing lack of action on this issue, continuing to fail to protect citizens from the health hazards of Electro-Magnetic Fields [EMFs].

Notes and References:

[1] Neil Cherry Predictions 2000 –

In June 2000 Professor Cherry investigated microwave emissions from mobile phone masts and presented his evidence to the parliaments of New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Ireland and the EU. He warned of significant illnesses and death from these microwaves.


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[4] Suicides ‘linked to phone masts’ – and Barrie Trower: “It’s the young who get it first,” he said. “The younger you are, your skull is thinner than an adult’s so the waves can go through and your immune system is not fully developed. The suicide rate is leaping up all over the place and it happens to cluster in areas.”


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“Today, I sit here extremely frustrated and concerned that appropriate steps have not been taken by the wireless industry to protect consumers during this time of uncertainty about safety. The steps I am referring to specifically followed from the WTR program and have been recommended repeatedly in public and private for and by me and other experts from around the world. As I prepare to move away from the wireless phone issue and into a different public health direction. I am concerned that the wireless industry is missing a valuable opportunity by dealing with these public health concerns through politics, creating illusions that more research over the next several years helps consumers today, and false claims that regulatory compliance means safety. The better choice by the wireless industry would be to implement measured steps aimed at true consumer protection.”


[10] Dr. Gerd Oberfeld – Austrian Phone Mast Case Study –


[11] Largest Study Finds Evidence Of Association Between EMFs And Exposed Worker Suicide

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