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Sharp decline in bees becomes national issue

Posted by smeddum on June 20, 2008

Bees are a key component in crop reproduction   

Bees are a key component in crop reproduction
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Sharp decline in bees becomes national issue

by Jeremy Allen

20 June 2008 | 10:52          subscription article at (Swisster)
The Swiss government announces measures to discover the reasons behind a sudden and sharp decline in the country’s bee population, and to counter it. Mobile phones, a parasite and insecticides are among the potential culprits.

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One Response to “Sharp decline in bees becomes national issue”

  1. karen husemeyer said

    6 miles south of Platteville, Wisconsin, USA. Had bees for 5 to 10 years underneath the flooring of a sun porch which was about 8′ above the ground. The Midwest had a hard winter in 2007-8[ice, snow, ice, snow, ice, snow, etc.]. The bees…are they dead inside or did they leave? Is there a possibility that a new bee colony will takeover this summer? Is there honey stored between the sun porch and the flooring? Any ideas, suggestions, questions, etc.

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