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Varroa Mite or Electromagnetic Fields? New Research into the Death of Bees

Posted by seumasach on May 25, 2008


An important report whose translation we hope will soon be made public. However, Warnke is mistaken in thinking that  CCD first appeared only two or three years ago


Letter to Beekeepers and Beekeeper Associations (HESE PROJECT)


Dear Board Members and Directors of Beekeeper Associations, 


Dear Beekeepers! 


The death of bees has for some time concerned beekeepers, the media, but also worried 

scientists who have affiliated themselves with our Kompetenz initiative for the protection 

of man, environment and democracy ( 


The disturbing phenomenon is presently predominantly attributed to the Varroa mite in 

newspapers and periodicals. It remains uncontested that there are such connections. Yet 

plausible arguments have been put forward explaining that the mite attack also occurs as 

a result of previous damage to the bees’ immune system due to electromagnetic fields. 


Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke, a biological scientist at Saarland University, can demonstrate 

this on a firm basis in his most recent publication Bees, Birds and People, The 

Destruction of Nature as a result of ‘Electrosmog’. His findings are the result of his own 

research over a decade, a superior overview of the state of international research, 

however, above all the realisation of verifiable mechanisms which have a disorientating 

and damaging effect on the bees. 


Many of you have probably already been referred to the publication. You can get further 

information from the attached leaflet or find it at the link 


Here it is our purpose to express our opinion about the current discussion concerning the 

damage caused by Varroa mites with some quotations from the publication. The third 

chapter is above all of central importance for the matter in question: ‘Mechanisms 

causing Disorientation and Damage’ (p. 13-33). 


The first finding, as explained, is formulated thus by Ulrich Warnke: 


Other causes are also discussed, which aim to explain the disappearance of the bees: 

Single-crop farming, pesticides, the Varroa mite, mobile apiaries, corroded seeds, too 

severe winters, genetically modified plants. It remains uncontested that these also 

cause problems. Yet, the fact that for the last two to three years bee death has 

appeared rather suddenly and spread across countries, can be explained convincingly 

by none of the above mentioned causes. If the bees simply became excessively 

weakened and ill, they would have to perish in or in front of the beehive. Yet, in the 

case of this particular phenomenon, no sick bees are to be found. (p. 13) 



Observations which have been made in areas of the especially strongly radiating antenna 

installations of the HAARP-project are also impressive: 


[…] HAARP is the abbreviation for a military project (High-frequency Active Auroral 

Research Project), that is used by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. Near the city 

Gakona in Alaska stand 180 towers in an uninhabited area, which form an antenna 

complex. The frequency is about 2.5 – 10 MHz, the wattage is extremely high at 3 

million Watts (‘high power, high frequency phased array radio transmitter’). There is 

no stronger technical transmitter on this earth. […] 


The effects of the HAARP transmission activity should above all be further 

investigated in Canada, the USA and in Europe. As it is exactly in these countries that 

the disappearance of the bees (CCD) was observed for the first time, a causal 

connection can no longer be excluded.The following coincidence relating to timing 

also points to this. In 2006 the transmitting power released was increased from the 

former 960,000 watts to the 4-fold (3,600,000 watts), however, exactly in this year 

all affected transmission areas reported the disturbed homing ability of the bees. 


Dennis van Engelsdorp of the research institute American Association of Professional 

Apiculturists (University of Pennsylvania), commissioned to examine the bee loss, 

reports: ‘We never saw so many different viruses all at once. Moreover, we have 

found fungus, flagellate and other microorganisms. This variety of pathogens is 

confusing.’ It is moreover remarkable that the excretory organs of the bees are 

attacked. Dennis van Engelsdorp assumes that an immunodeficiency underlies the 

mysterious phenomena (VAN ENGELSDORP 2007).  Yet, he asks rightly: ‘Are these 

pathogens the causal stress factor or the consequence of an entirely different effect?’ 


It’s ‘extremely alarming’, so says Diana Cox-Foster, member of the CCD Working 

Group, that the death is combined with symptoms, ‘which until now were never 

described like that’. The immune system of the animals seems to have collapsed, with 

many bees suffering from five to six infections simultaneously. Yet dead bees are 

nowhere to be found (Spiegel 12/2007). (p. 28 f.) 


The disturbances and damage observed are correlated by Warnke on a broad empirical 

basis, on the one hand, with the physiological equipment of the bees and their 

orientation to the magnetic and electromagnetic field of the earth and, on the other 

hand, with the derailment of the NO (nitric oxide) systems and its thereby connected 

management of free radicals: 


Bees and other insects, just as birds, use the earth’s magnetic field and high 

frequency electromagnetic energy such as light. They accomplish orientation and 

navigation by means of free radicals as well as a simultaneously reacting magnetite 

conglomerate. Technically produced electromagnetic oscillations in the MHz-range 

and magnetic impulses in the low frequency range persistently disturb the natural 

orientation and navigation mechanisms created by evolution. (p. 32) 


‘A disturbed NO-system damages learning ability, scent orientation and immune system’, 

reads the subtitle of chapter 3.10, which describes a central mechanism of action, also 

applicable to Man: 


If the bees’ NO-system is disturbed through the influence of technical magnetic fields, 

a case also observed in humans, they can no longer orient themselves through scent 

memory, and their all important learning process necessary for life no longer 

functions. However, as NO controls the immune system to a large extent, a disturbed 

NO balance will always affect the organism’s immune defense. (S. 29) 


The fifth chapter of the publication summarises the established knowledge regarding 

bees, numerous species of birds and Man as follows: 



‘for decades research results have been freely accessible which show that the natural 

electric and magnetic fields and its variations are vital conditions for the orientation 

and navigation of a whole range of animals. Likewise, for many decades it has also 

been wellknown in science that we humans depend on these natural factors for 

numerous vital functions. 


Today, however, this natural information and function system of humans, animals 

and plants becomes superimposed by a never before existing density and intensity of 

artificial magnetic, electric and electromagnetic fields of numerous mobile and 

communication radio technologies. The consequences repeatedly predicted over many 

decades by the critics of this development should now no longer be overlooked. Bees 

and other insects disappear, birds avoid certain places and are disorientated in other 

places. Man suffers from malfunctions and diseases; and as these become hereditary, 

passes them on as damages to the next generation.’ (p. 40) 


The publication has received worldwide attention since its appearance in December 2007. 

The renowned BIOINITIATIVE WORKING GROUP are waiting for a translation into English, 

‘since there are very few popular publications in the English speaking area, that describe 

the total electromagnetic spectrum between the sky and earth with such a holistic and 

scientifically based stance’ (according to Cindy Sage and Katharina Gustavs on 

13.12.07). The author has been invited to give a presentation at `The Royal Society’ in 



Our initiative of independent scientists, physicians and technicians has issued the 

publication as the first booklet in the new series Effects of the Mobile- and 

Communications Radio ( We advertise with these lines for the 

mediation of knowledge, because we concern ourselves with the health of Man and the 

environment – free of any profit interest. 


We ask you, therefore, to also make this statement accessible to others – also in 

newsletters, homepages and in connection with own articles. If you are also interested in 

the publication (5,- EUR), we recommend in the attached leaflet the telephone, fax- or 

mail-order from die Bürgerwelle e. V., in Switzerland from Diagnose-Funk – from both 

suppliers there is also bulk discount for 10 copies or more. 


With kind regards, also in the names of the three other publishers in the series, 


Prof. Dr. K. Hecht – Dr. med. M. Kern –  Dr. med. H.-Chr. Scheiner, 


Karl Richter 

(Prof. Dr. Karl Richter, Scientific Editor)

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