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Colony Collapse Disorder, the syndrome of the disappearing bees.

Report on possible impacts of communication towers on wildlife including birds and bees

Posted by seumasach on March 30, 2012

Ministry of Environment and Forests(India)

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Sparrows are tough but Mumbai is tougher

Posted by seumasach on October 31, 2011

First Post


28th October, 2011

When was the last time you saw a sparrow? They no longer flit around window sills, peck at grains or chirp noisily in the backyard; sparrows seem to have disappeared completely.

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Cellphone towers EMR damaging biological systems of birds, insects, humans

Posted by seumasach on October 27, 2011

Anthony Gucciardi

Activist Post

25th October, 2011

The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted from mobile towers is so powerful that it affects the biological systems of birds, insects, and even humans. The study, released by the environment ministry, called for the protection of flora and fauna by law.

‘The review of existing literature shows that the EMRs are interfering with the biological systems in more ways than one and there had already been some warning bells sounded in the case on bees and birds, which probably heralds the seriousness of this issue and indicates the vulnerability of other species as well,’ the study found.

In September of 2010, the ministry established a 10-member committee under Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) with director Asad Rahmani to study the impact of cellphone towers on birds and bees. The group of experts reviewed 919 studies performed in India and abroad regarding the effects of cellphone towers on birds, insects, animals, wildlife, and humans.

What the group found was quite startling.

Electromagnetic radiation may play a role in the decline of animal and insect populations

Of the 919 studies, a staggering 593 showed the negative impact of mobile towers on birds, bees, humans, wildlife and plants. The experts even cited an international study that pinpointed cellphone towers as a potential cause in the decline of animal populations. They went on to say that there was an urgent need to focus more scientific attention on the subject before it was too late.

In addition to calling for a law protecting urban flora and fauna from emerging threats of electromagnetic radiation, the experts are also suggesting bold signs and messages on the dangers of cell phone tower and radiation to be posted near the position of cellphone towers.

‘To prevent overlapping high radiations fields, new towers should not be permitted within a radius of one kilometre of existing towers. If new towers must be built, construct them to be above 80 feet and below 199 feet … to avoid the requirement for aviation safety lighting,’ it said.

The negative effects of EMR on life is something that has been ignored by health officials and legislators for years. As cellphone subscriptions outnumber the total number of US citizens, more and more mobile phone towers are popping up around the globe. As the experts cautioned, it is extremely pertinent that further independent research is conducted to highlight the dangers of EMR.

Please visit Natural Society for more great health news and vaccine information. 

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Food Apocalypse: Higher food prices on the horizon

Posted by seumasach on June 12, 2011

IB Times

10th June, 2011

More on the CCD/EM radiation connection 

With food prices around the world skyrocketing, increasing hunger and in some cases acting as a catalyst for regime changes in the Middle East, there is more to worry about on the horizon.

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Sharp decline in honey production

Posted by seumasach on June 7, 2011

The insane nonsense about climate change is simply de riguer and should be discounted: bees have survived millions of years of climate change including dramatic and catastrophic climate alterations far beyond anything we are experiencing at the moment. What matters here is that the disappearance of the honey bee so apparent in the West is also happening in India and that, unlike here, the connection of CCD to EM radiation provenant from the mobile phone network is being investigated at official level.



9th May, 2011

KOLLAM: Honey production, both wild and from apiaries across the State, has registered a fall for the third consecutive year.

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The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

Posted by seumasach on May 14, 2011

Council of Europe


Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs

Rapporteur: Mr Jean HUSS, Luxembourg, Socialist Group

6th May, 2011


The potential health effects of the very low frequency of electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical devices are the subject of ongoing research and a significant amount of public debate. While electrical and electromagnetic fields in certain frequency bands have fully beneficial effects which are applied in medicine, other non-ionising frequencies, be they sourced from extremely low frequencies, power lines or certain high frequency waves used in the fields of radar, telecommunications and mobile telephony, appear to have more or less potentially harmful, non-thermal, biological effects on plants, insects and animals, as well as the human body when exposed to levels that are below the official threshold values.

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Mobile phones ARE to blame for killing off the world’s bee populations, scientists claim

Posted by seumasach on May 11, 2011

Daily Mail

11th May, 2011

For some, the mobile phone is the bane of modern life even as it .

But for bees it could be more than just an irritation.

Scientists claim to have proved that signals from mobile phones are behind the sudden decline of the world’s bee population, which plays a vital role in both agriculture and horticulture.

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Mobile phone-induced honeybee worker piping

Posted by seumasach on May 6, 2011

Daniel Favre


8th April, 2010

Abstract – The worldwide maintenance of the honeybee has major ecological, economic, and political implications. In the present study, electromagnetic waves originating from mobile phones were tested for potential effects on honeybee behavior. Mobile phone handsets were placed in the close vicinity of honeybees. The sound made by the bees was recorded and analyzed. The audiograms and spectrograms revealed that active mobile phone handsets have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the bees, namely by inducing the worker piping signal. In natural conditions, worker piping either announces the swarming process of the bee colony or is a signal of a disturbed bee colony.

Read full study here

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Bienensterben und die Gründe

Posted by smeddum on March 19, 2011


19th March, 2011

Die weltweiten Bienenbestände gehen immer drastischer zurück, wodurch die Nahrungsversorgung in Zukunft in Frage gestellt sei, so die Warnung eines Reports, den das Umweltprogramm der Vereinten Nationen in der vergangenen Woche in Genf vorlegte. Besonders im industrialisierten Norden seien starke Rückgänge der Bienenpopulation zu verzeichnen, in einigen bis zu 85 Prozent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Never mind the bees: what about us!

Posted by seumasach on February 17, 2011

Interestingly, the Union ministry of environment and forests has constituted a committee to assess environmental impact of mushrooming mobile towers on the population of birds and bees but have not done anything to that end for human beings.

Mobile tower radiations: the new kid on the pollution block

The Statesman

17th February, 2011


The West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) receives several complaints against radiations from mobile network towers, but it is unable to act on them as it has not been delegated any power to deal with electro-pollution.

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Save the Great British bee!

Posted by seumasach on February 15, 2011

It is also believed the chemicals in pesticides interfere with the bees’ personal electrical and chemical signals, causing problems for their navigation systems.

What else is a rather more obvious candidate for interfering with their navigation systems?

See ITNT archive: disappearing bees

Daily Mail

12th February, 2011

Just four years. That’s how long Albert Einstein reportedly said the human race would last in a world without bees. For the master of relativity, the equation was relatively simple: no more bees = no more people. And while there is debate over whether the great physicist made the claim, no one disputes that we would be in serious trouble were bees to disappear.

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