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Fifteenth day of constant protests against coup d’état-Honduras

Posted by smeddum on July 17, 2009


13/7 /09


Fifteenth day of constant protests against coup d’état
Telesur and Venezolana de Televisión journalists deported
Popular leader killed

Fifteenth day of constant protests against coup d’étatTHE Honduran people’s organizations returned to the streets of Tegucigalpa on Sunday to express their rejection of the June 28th military coup and to demand the restoration of democratic law, PL reports.

The demonstrators came together in the central park located in the city’s historic quarter, where theater troupes, singers and speakers all called for the return of the constitutional president, Manuel Zelaya.

In an earlier event, Juan Barahona, president of the United Workers Federation, confirmed the will of the National Front against the coup to continue its acts of peaceful resistance.

“Fifteen days into this struggle, we are determined to continue until the coup leaders abandon the power that they have usurped,” he affirmed, to applause from the crowd.

The union leader asked the demonstrators if they were tired, and a unanimous chorus responded “No!”

In a message of encouragement to the peaceful resistance movement demanding the return of constitutional order, Enrique Flores Lanza, one of President Zelaya’s ministers, affirmed that it is a commitment to the homeland.

During the event, a battalion of riot police remained close to the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the de facto government announced on national television the suspension of the curfew declared in the country after the coup.

For his part, Zelaya informed Telesur that he is to return to his country at any moment, because the coup leaders cannot stop him. “That is part of a security that they have to have, they know me perfectly well and know that they are not going to be able to avoid it, that they are not going to be able to govern in a de facto system in Honduras. The people will not allow it, nor will the international community, nor will we, and we will always be willing to stand with the people,” he stated.

Meanwhile, in Caracas, Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez exposed the action taken by Roberto Micheletti’s de facto government to deport Telesur and Venezolana de Televisión journalists from Honduras on Sunday.

The president also condemned the murder in San Pedro Sula of Roger Iván Bados, a popular leader and left-wing activist.

Quoting Barahona, Chávez stated that Bados, leader of the People’s Bloc and the National Resistance Front against the coup, was killed by unknown assailants.

He explained that this killing was part of the selective repression being carried out in addition to the overall repression.

The murder of Ramón García, a popular left-wing activist, in northern Honduras, has also been reported. (SE)

Translated by Granma International

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