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China ‘ever confident about EU and euro’

Posted by seumasach on July 24, 2011

Gulf Times

24th July, 2011

China welcomes a second rescue package for Greece and will always be confident of the eurozone and the region’s currency, Central Bank Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said yesterday.

An emergency summit of eurozone leaders on Thursday agreed on a plan for debt-stricken Greece that risks triggering a temporary default and that will give their rescue fund broader powers to try to prevent the crisis spreading.
“This will help solve the eurozone sovereign debt problem and maintain financial stability across the region and within its member countries. It will also boost market confidence and help drive strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the European Union and in the world,” Zhou said.
In a statement published on the central bank’s website, China’s first official comment on the new rescue package, Zhou said: “As a responsible investor in the global financial market, we will always keep our confidence in the eurozone and the euro.”

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