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Your Opportunity to Help Reinvestigate 9/11‏

Posted by seumasach on April 27, 2010

26 April 2010

Hello All,

As you know, Reinvestigate 911 has the support of a key respected 
independent MP, Dai Davies, who is likely to be returned at the 
election. We plan to set up a Parliamentary Group to look into 9/11, 
7/7, and the bogus war on terror. The name and exact brief are yet to
be decided. Here are two ways we can make use of the election to 
help this project.


Please would you contact every well placed candidate in your 
constituency or even nearby and ask all your friends and contacts to 
do the same. You can usually find out quite quickly by a Google 
search what the last majority was. The best way to contact is through
the local campaign office listed in the phone book or online. Below 
is a standard message which you could use. If you get a yes, then 
please try to help them in some way and then please let us know. If 
you do help, please remember your help is not to promote your views, 
it is to promote their views. Leafleting is the normal way to do this
and is valuable to them. Better still, use your car if you have one 
to get supporters to the polls on the day.

Any yes will be extremely valuable to us, so when you let us know 
please make sure you get our acknowledgement, if necessary by calling
01273 326862 daytime.

Here is a suggested message with the relevant info:

There is widespread disquiet in the UK, the US and the Islamic world,
not only over the escalating wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan but 
also over the incident that has been used as a pretext for these 
wars: the 9/11 attacks. Many believe this was in some way an inside 
job. I am not asking you to agree with this, but I am asking you to 
support calls for genuinely independent inquiries into both 9/11 and 
7/7. Will you agree that if elected you will sign up to membership of
the new Parliamentary Group which will focus on these issues. It will
be launched by Dai Davies MP, if returned as an MP for the Blaenau 
Gwent constituency, in the first weeks of the new Parliament.


If you are near their constituencies, please do what you can to help 
the following candidates by contacting their campaign offices.

1. Dai Davies, Blaenau Gwent, Independent (ex-Labour) not far from Bristol.
2. Caroline Lucas Green leader in Brighton, their top target seat. 
The Green Party has called for a new investigation into 9/11. 
Unfortunately in their second target seat in Lewisham Darren Johnson 
has fought against 9/11 truth within the Greens.
3. Paul Warburton. Paul is an independent candidate in Walthamstow 
whom we know quite well.

As your information comes in we will update this list. There are of 
course other MPs who we expect to support us once the election is 
over, but are too cautious to campaign publicly at this stage. What 
about the many other independents standing? We do not unfortunately 
have the resources to research their positions at this stage and some
are not what they might seem: for instance the Independent Network 
candidate standing against anti-war Labour MP Dianne Abbott in London
(Hackney North), Suzanne Moore, is a Daily Mail columnist.

Thank you

Reinvestigate 911

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