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Obama’s first love note to Pakistan

Posted by seumasach on February 1, 2009

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24th Janaury, 2009

United States is continuing its missile attacks into Pakistan’s tribal area bordering Afghanistan even after Barack Obama has swarn in as US new president.  The latest attack on Friday 23, 2009 killed 22 people in different incidents of ’suspected’ US missile strikes by drones in northwest tribal area of Pakistan.

More than 30 of such attacks by unmanned US planes have taken place in tribal areas since August 2008.

Pakistani leaders complain publicly that the stepped-up missile strikes  violate the country’s sovereignty and undermine the government’s own efforts to tackle rising extremists violence in the country.

Such attacks may increase the deaths of some extremists along with innocent children and women fueling anger against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and making it easier for exteremists to recruite more people for their activities. It is only increasing difficulties for Pakistan which is fighting war against terrorism for US.

Source: The Canadian Press

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